O still unsilenced 'babe' of careless tongue,
   You changeling child of headlines and odd time,
Cabinet historian, who's often sung
   A sorry tale more pungent than our rhyme!
What tape-turned indiscretions from your jaw
   Show self-styled gods, yet mortals both,
     In White House or in haunts of Downing Street?
What men or rats are these? What suitors loth?
   What mad pursuit? What foul flights from the law,
     With bribes, contracts or dossiers indiscreet?


"Heard diplomats are sweet but those unheard
   Are sweeter; therefore, eavesdroppers, switch off!
Not for the faithful ear, but, once transferred,
   And scanned by allied eyes, at peace they'll scoff.
Fair Blair beneath such sleaze, you should now leave
   Your post, nor ever can this stench smell fair.
     New Labour? Now, you ne'er again can gain
Old trust, though conning many. Do not grieve;
   I'll not fade out and, though you will not reign,
     For ever will you wince and I will blare."


Oh, sorry, sorry crew, that cannot shed
   Your lies, nor ever bid a Project part;
And sorry spin doctors, to truth unwed,
   For ever telling tales, false from the start!
More shady views, more shabby, shady views!
   For ever mocked yet still to be deployed,
     For ever changing, and for ever spun -
All begging every question in the news,
   And leave good sense abandoned, law destroyed -
     Crass cash opinions for a world undone.


Who are these coming to be sacrificed?
   For what relationship, deluded man,
Lead you those colleagues, foolishly advised,
   With all their silken speeches under ban?
What once blessed land, twixt rivers of our birth,
   Or ancient cities crammed with peaceful folk,
     From this day are foredoomed to perish quite?
That land, once blessed, shall face decades of dearth
   And silent be; yet silent millions spoke
     To shame the silence that is deaf to right.


Oh Brummy jaw with attitude! With fire
   That assays Goldsmith's proofs and tin-pot men,
With anger of a woman scorned for hire -
   Your raging accents trash them yet again
'Fore history. Then, loud accuser, bawl!
   When listening voters lay this band away,
     You shall remain, shrill voice of unsure woe,
At last a friend to man, to whom you say,
   " 'Liars make war, war liars' - that is all
     I've known in power, and all you need to know."

                    (Apologies to John Keats)

*Clare Short revealed that Britain was spying on Kofi Annan, the UN
Secretary General. Blair described this honesty as "irresponsible".