They were New, they were cocky,
              and they thought themselves street-wise,
   While our hearts lay open to be eased,
When there came by their leader
                                  with the States in his eyes,
   Whose President alone must be pleased.

O, still grew our hearts that had once beat so fast,
   Our greatest hopes lay still.
An age died away and, as war's motion passed,
   The parades of betrayed struck chill.

Our ethical stance they turned into a farce,
   Our fair name black as soot.
And fooled folk forsook their faith in the arse,
   Who'd licked their foe's foul boot.

Low now we lie, where the dead men lie,
   And no longer can we hope to find ease,
When we're offered a leader
                             with one States-sodden eye,
   And a crook with his back turned on peace.

                    (Apologies to Mary Elizabeth Coleridge)