Farewell to all our British fame,
   Farewell our noble glory!
Farewell ev'n to our British name,
   So famed in legal story!
Now shame sweeps o'er our western sands
   Close girdled by the ocean,
To mark where Texas' east coast stands -
   Such a bundle of rogues lead our nation!

What force and guile could not subdue
   By terror, blitz or treason,
Is wrought now by a coward few -
   Vain jackals lost to reason.
The Nazi steel we could disdain,
   In lonely valour's station;
But gold and oil have been our bane -
   As a bundle of rogues sold our nation!

O, would or I had seen the day
   New Labour thus could play ill
My once proud head had lain in clay
   With Lloyd George or with Churchill!
But pith and power to my last hour
   I'll make this declaration: -
"We're bought and sold for Texan gold" -
   Such a bundle of rogues stole our nation!

                    (Apologies to Robert Burns)