The Death of Dr David Kelly

          "An unsmiling Tony Blair lands at Tokyo airport ..."
                                    BBC 1 News

Spirits of Science, questing conscience, skill
   Flutter and bear him up the Harrowdown sky:
In that dark House, in an abandoned Committee Room,
   Discarded truths now haunt the lies gone by.

The kind, wise eyes are shut which saw wrong doing
   And poisoned fields and dirty tricks at source;
'Top' men in favoured houses hear clocks ticking,
   'Cross reddened boxes, with more deadly force;

Fair men who never cheated, therefore doubted,
   Conferred at Pugwash yearly, sit and stare
At bloody deserts stretched behind the run-ways
   Where a false man lands grinless from the air.

                    (Apologies to John Betjeman)