George, George, Galloway, Galloway, gorgeous Respect MP
Took great care of his image, even when on TV.
George, George, said to J. Paxman,
Paxman, he said, said he,
'It's Blair's stooge I brought down, less a King than a clown,
So don't bandy words with me!'

George, George, Galloway's visage, darkened by angry frown,
George, George, Galloway's anger, pondered the first pronoun,
George, George, speaking stubbornly,
Said to himself, said he,
'I don't care who backs down, Tony Blair or G. Brown,
But I'm certain it wont be me!'

George, George, hackled at headlines,
                                      'BRIBED or BOGUS or BENT!
George, George, Galloway's campaigns based on a false intent.
Senate claims, that new confessions,
Offered on US soil,
Showing George's assent, meant he later was sent
Millions of barrels of oil!'

George, George, Galloway flew in - aptly to Washington town,
George, George, speaking stingingly,
                                      faced Norman Coleman down
George, George, said to N. Coleman
Coleman he said, said he,
'Lies wont win you renown, nor the President's crown.
Your future ends here - with me!'

T. B., Dubya, Dubya, Galloway's here to see
You can NOT escape each death of an Iraqi
G., G., said to the Bs,
B.......s he said, said he,
'No respect for your fate, when you leave seats of State,
You'll be hunted down by me.'

                    (Apologies to A. A. Milne)