Oh, keep faith in Britain
Now that Hutton's near,
For whoever wakes in Britain
Hears, some lunchtime, unaware,
That the lowest thug or braggart thief
Round the pub-fire snug gains more belief
Than the P.M. can by his fondest vow
In Britain - now!

When, afore Hutton, Ken was swallowed
And coats were turned where advantage followed,
Hark, where our lit-up leader in the House
Fumed on the Left, from Kelvin to Bolsover -
Half-truths and boastings, all the bent espouse
In their sick pride - and told each lie twice over,
Lest men should think he never could recapture
His first foul shameless rapture!
And though our land looked hostage to the few
All will be free when sprung from Labours 'new'.
Democracy, shield from 'Contingent Powers',
Will rise, to end this shabby man's brief hours!

                    (Apologies to Robert Browning)