Was this the face that launched pre-emptive wars?
And burnt the concrete towers of far Baghdad? -

"Good, Georgie, make me important by your praise. -"

His grasp commands each lens, see how they stare! -

"Come good George, come, and catch their eyes again. -"

Here will I dwell, for heaven is in his hands,
And all I'll dump that is not George's wish. -

"I will mock Paris, and for love of you,
Instead of law, Damascus shall be sacked;
And I will struggle with weak Tory foes,
And wear your colours on my puffed up breast;
Yes I will wound the UN like a heel,
And then return to you, George, to embrace!
O, you are stronger than all other powers,
Clad in the beauty of full spectrum's might:
Though brighter - not - than my last President,
When he appeared to handle foreign climes;
You are more courted than an armless child
In wanton Condaleesa's charmless grasp;
And none but you shall be my paramour."

                    (Apologies to Christopher Marlowe)