Hark Don Rumsfeld, hark Don Rumsfeld,
   What says the thug Donald Rumsfeld?
"That British Straw will give and yield,
And bend so far in any field,
Our purposes will lie concealed
   From England fair," says Don Rumsfeld.

Hark Don Rumsfeld, hark Don Rumsfeld,
   Oh, hear the thug Donald Rumsfeld: -
"You mustn't tell a barefaced lie,
To Parliament, but you can try
To shave the truth, like that Blair guy,
   Who screwed the House," says Don Rumsfeld.

Among Yank ranks the oilmen came,
With little thought for else but gain,
And quite resolved to play their game,
   They lobbied hard to Don Rumsfeld;
And thus they forged, in secret might,
Their first attack on people's right
To choose their President, and fight
   Corrupt appointments, like Rumsfeld.

Hark Don Rumsfeld, hark Don Rumsfeld,
Your rights were sold by Don Rumsfeld!
"So free men may be bombed or killed,
   Or dispossessed of ground they've tilled,
Most anywhere that we have drilled
And want to 'liberate', to cheers;
Forgetting, after all these years,
   The U.N. Charter," snorts Rumsfeld.

Yet still when Bush or Rumsfeld lays
Too crude a hand on British ways,
The anger wakes, the fury stays
   At all that's said by Don Rumsfeld.
And folk, that know their rights from wrong,
In crowds that feel their purpose strong,
Roll deep and dreadfully along
   To warn the doom of Don Rumsfeld.

                    (Apologies to Rudyard Kipling)