Lord Goldsmith AG (repeating):

Anthony Charles Linton Blair, P.M. and Right Hon.
Sought control of some faraway land
And it may not sound much, yet was said to belong
To an ally whose claim should be banned

His Alter Lordship (obiter dictum):

An ally, who's not as was planned,
Is a poor custodian for land,
Which is oil rich and wide
And was bought by our side
And is made up of Arabs and sand.


Lord Goldsmith AG (on again):

Now Anthony Blair, meeting with Dubya Bush,
Was imprudent enough to make friends
And he swore, without warning his office that morning,
He'd back him whatever his ends

His Alter Lordship (obiter dictum):

My practice I find oft depends
When fitting best means to war's ends
Though the UN's a curse
And the voter's are worse
There's nothing so shifty as friends


Lord Goldsmith AG (on again, again):

But Blair's colleagues all answered on hearing the news:-
'We never hear aught till we must.'
A scheme they could choose, fewer voters to lose,
But the Devil for preserving their trust.

His Alter Lordship (obiter dictum):

The duty of preserving their trust
Is reserved for the hons. and the just,
Any P.M. you choose
His back-benches can lose -
An Attorney for betraying his trust


Lord Goldsmith AG (on again, again & unembarrassed):

Now the ruling laid down in the P.M. v. Brown
May be cited....

His Alter Lordship (awake at last):

You're wrong! It may not!
I've strained all my powers
For eight weeks and some hours
To disguise this irrelevant rot.

The Whole Inquiry (rising and chanting together):

Your Lordships are all a great bore
We've all heard these half-truths before
We've had quite enough
Of this white-washing stuff
And we don't need to hear any more!

Little Foreign Man (running in, late for work):

Ze public are perfectly right,
Zey cannot put up with zis sight
I suggest.....

(He is chased into the Underground and shot by 5 policemen)

                    (Apologies to Hilaire Belloc)